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While current radiation treatments require 15-30 visits, are mostly palliative in nature, and do not allow for the complete sparing of healthy tissue, radiosurgery can deliver the same or higher dosage in 1-3 visits with curative intent, and is specifically designed to spare healthy tissue. Our cutting-edge equipment and experienced team will significantly aid your ability to serve your clients by helping their pets with cancer live longer, healthier lives. We will begin accepting radiosurgery patients later this Spring.These changes are just part of our ongoing commitment to be a ready-made extension of your practice, and your trusted partner in specialized veterinary care. As always, we value our partnership with you, and if you have any questions about the physical changes to our hospital, or our new service offerings, please feel free to contact us.Warm Regards,Doug Hoffman, DVM Michele Muldoon, DVM, DACVS Sharmila Ruparel, DVM Daniel Carey, DVMOwner, CEO, CFO Owner, Specialty Services Owner, Emergency Services Owner, Emergency ClinicianWe are now offering unique mobile cardiology service packages at your practice to meet the specific needs of your patients:FULL WORK UP + DETAILED DISCHARGESEchocardiogram Will review any blood-work or previous x-rays +/- BP and ECG if warrantedFULL WORK UP + CARDIAC CONSULTATIONEchocardiogram Will review any blood-work or previous x-rays +/- BP and ECG if warranted In person conversation with ownersEMERGENCY/SICK PATIENT APPOINTMENTEchocardiogram+/- BP and ECGReview of radiographs & blood workPatients that require “in hospital” treatment plans (active CHF or arrhythmia), thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis or pericardiocentesisDiscount packagesMOBILE CARDIOLOGY: NEW PACKAGES BETTER FOR YOU, BETTER FOR YOUR CLIENTSRecommended patient for this level: Asymptomatic patient with a heart murmur or heart enlargement, chronic coughing dog not in congestive heart failure, anesthesia clearance, OFA echocardiogram clearance, etc.Recommended patient for this level: Same as level 1, but owner would like to have face-to-face conversation with cardiologist.Recommended patient for this level: Severe coughing, tachypneic or unstable animals, animal require interventions or injectable cardiac medications to facilitate examination of them. NOTE: When possible, this type of patient is most successfully cared for when treated at Care Center rather than via a mobile visit. However, if that is not possible, please contact us right away for assistance.At times, there also may be a Handle with Care charge if patient requires sedation or is aggressive. Please call Rochelle Miller, our Referral Coordinator, at 513.530.0911 if you have any questions.for multiple patients scheduled on 1 visit.2 patients: 10% off total 3 patients: 15% off total 4 or more: 20% off totalCopyright © 2015 Care Center. All Rights Reserved.Level 1Level 2 Level 3

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