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Hello my name is Lady Lou & I was my moms best friend for 13 years! I was there for her though every up & down day or night! She always told me I was the most beautiful girl she ever seen, she never left me home alone took me everywhere she went as long as dogs were aloud! She was my world and I know I was hers. When my Family vet said I had lung cancer it was like both our worlds come to an end! But in my heart I knew till the end she would take the best of care of me. For the month after we found out I was given the best food, baths, nails you name it I was pampered with it! Then on 6/22/11 I had a terrible time trying to breath & it was 2 in the morning! But instead of waiting she jumped up and drove me to Care Center! They were great, caring, easy with me, and cared about my owners feelings! Knowing how close we were to each other and how tight our bond was they made everything very easy, and didn't try to rush us! They let her hold me and tell her good-bye and she held me for as long as she wanted! Thank You Care Center!! Even though my death was over a year ago and now I'm in no pain. I know my owner loves you and your people for all your love you do to help animals and their owners!!

Tara Lykins

More Veterinarians Choose Care.

Your family veterinarian is an expert in general wellness and preventive care. We encourage regular visits to your pet’s veterinarian to remain current on vaccinations, parasite control, and other important measures for optimum health. They are the best source of knowledge to help you care for your pet. There are times, however, when they will turn to Care Center as a healthcare partner, because we provide expertise in areas that are not part of their day-to-day services.

What’s the difference you may ask? Just like we may choose the most qualified individual to provide healthcare for our families, we also want that same level of expertise for our pets. Fortunately, a whole field of specialization has evolved where pet owners are now able to access advanced care by board-certified veterinary specialists for just about any condition or illness, similar to how you would be referred by your own family physician.

In case of emergency, we are open 24-hours a day.

Referrals can be made for care in the following medical disciplines:

More on Specialty Medicine

To become a specialist, one must obtain a four-year veterinary degree and then pursue additional training in an accredited program. This typically includes a one-year internship, followed by a two to three-year residency in a particular medical discipline. Competition to be accepted into a residency training program can be quite difficult, therefore only those with the highest academic achievement gain entry. In addition to the clinical training, a veterinarian must also publish original research in a refereed journal and pass a series of rigorous examinations to earn this designation.

According to the American Board of Veterinary Specialties, there are currently 21 AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty organizations comprising 40 distinct specialties. Some specialties only have 100 or fewer veterinarians that have earned board certification making access to specialists in some areas quite challenging. However, only some specialists work in private practice such as at Care Center. Many others work in academic and/or research settings, or even for the government protecting our food supply. For more information on specialty care, please visit the American Veterinary Medical Association.


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